What To Wear To A Photo Session

You’re hiring a professional photographer to photograph your precious family and you want your photos to look amazing! An important aspect to creating great looking portraits will be your clothing selection. “What should we wear for family portraits’? The only “rule” I have is to choose outfits that reflect your personality, make you FEEL amazing and are comfortable. Don’t wear anything uncomfortable, even if it “works”.

Cannon Beach, Oregon family photos

What to wear for fall family photos


Harmonize using patterns and colors/hues:

Everyone should wear similar clothing and colors. Feel free to add textures and accent colors that can complement each other without clashing. Mix it up a little and add some excitement to your images! Adding texture with lace, wool, denim or corduroy. No need to advertise with graphics and logos! Layers, Layers, Layers…. and accessorize!

What to wear for family portraits

Add your favorite necklace, jacket, hat or scarf. Stand out with your favorite headband, belt or piece of jewelry. Hats and headbands are perfect for kiddos too. Long sleeves work well for most sessions. Bring a variety of short/long sleeved shirts.

Trendy, AND Timeless:

The thing about fashion is that it goes out of fashion. Keep “trendy” under control and pick some pieces that are timeless. Wear clothing that fits with the locations we are photographing.  Girls, leave those heels at home if we’re heading to the woods or beach. Keep in mind the season. Shorts and tankini’s don’t belong in winter.

What to wear for family photos

Bring your child’s favorite toy, or incorporate your families’ favorite hobby. This doesn’t have to be cheesy. It can simply mean being photographed at your favorite park, your home or doing a “themed” camping shoot for that outdoorsy family. Bring any items that you think might work for your family.

Acclaimed Photography Family Portraits with Pets

Makeup for Photos

Women You will need a little more make-up than normal, but don’t go overboard. Wear powder over foundation and be sure to bring it in case you get some “shine”.  Don’t forget your lip gloss! 

What to wear for family photos in Seattle

Plan to decorate your home with portraits:

It’s also helpful to plan your session with your home in mind. You’ll likely want to display a wall portrait of your beautiful family. Coordinate colors with the décor of that room. 

Couples portraits in Seattle with a dog

On the day of the session, I find it helpful to pack a bag with the following:

  • -Drinks and snacks
  • -Hairspray
  • -Makeup
  • -Hand Wipes
  • -Lotion
  • -Tissues

For smaller children: extra diapers, wipes, bottles, toys, blankets; and treats for the dogs.


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