What is a Clipping Path?

A clipping path (or clipping mask, aka ‘deep etch’) is a photography term for extracting objects or people from still imagery/background.  To show you what this means for photos, here is a quick example below:

You can capture the image using any background you have available. Some people use a blue screen or green screen. The background is not as important as it used to be since clipping paths done (via Photoshop) is much more sophisticated and precise.

This fun team of five, from Caliber Home Loans of Edmonds, came to my studio for professional team portraits. They knew ahead of time that each image would need the background removed, or a clipping path.

What is a Clipping Path?

Here’s an example of what that photo looks like on their brochure, before the clipping path. It looks OK, but when you compare it to whit the clipping path done, there’s no comparison!

What is a Clipping Path?

An Example of a completed Clipping Path (below):

What is a Clipping Path and What is it Used For?

As you can see from the completed clipping path, the background disappears! Why would you want to remove the back ground from an image?? Maybe you have a certain look you want to achieve. I think you can agree, with the clipping path completed, it does look clean and modern. It also gives you or your graphic designer freedom and flexibility when designing your marketing materials.

In the below example shows the Caliber team without the background, which looks really professional.

What is a Clipping Path and What is it Used For?


What is a Clipping Path and What is it Used For?

And, I did mention they were a fun group! This fun shot was their idea, and I think it shows how fun they are! Yes, we even do fun stuff here at Acclaimed Photography for group business photos!

Fun corporate group shot

At Acclaimed Photography we offer a variety of solutions for businesses where we make you look stellar in front of existing client and potential clients. We’re easy to do business with, quick turn-a-round and make you look amazing (yeah, we do a little digital Botox and Liposuction, if needed).

If you’re working with a web designer or graphic designer we are happy to work along side them to produce any image to their size and specifications. It saves you time and money in the long run!

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