Why Take Engagement Photos?

You’re getting married, right?! So why bother with engagement portraits? They’re an important part of the ‘wedding’ process for several reasons: it gives you and your sweetie the opportunity to be photographed as a loving couple in a relaxed environment of your choosing (and get comfortable in front of the camera for your big day); have a beautifully framed portrait on display as your guests walk into the church or reception site; use photos in a guest sign-in album; for newspaper and Save The Date announcements.Sunset Engagement Photos at Edmonds Beach

Engagement Photos at Edmonds Beach


When Should We Take Our Engagement Photos?

Typically you’ll want to be photographed at least a year out. However, that is dependent on the look you want and the activities you enjoy. If you’re avid outdoors people and enjoy skiing, then winter would be when you take your engagement photos in the snow, with your skis. If you love the beach, and you live in Seattle, July and August are the best times for sunsets. One of my favorites is sunset engagement photos at Edmonds Beach.

Like your wedding, planning your engagement session should have some thought put into it. DON’T wait until the last minute, you’ll regret it. It will be one big rushball to do the session and select the photos. The photographer needs time to post-process & cull the images, present the images to you two and then order and deliver your final selections.

Engagement Photos at Edmonds Beach


Sunset Engagement Photos at Edmonds Beach

Sunset Engagement Photos at Edmonds Beach


What Should We Wear For Our Engagement Photos?

As a professional photographer my initial answer is always “be comfortable”. That being said, this is a particularly special event so go ahead and dress it up a little. Use a mix of casual and a little more formal attire. It will augment your session and the final product (maybe an album) with a variety of looks.

Sunset Engagement Photos at Edmonds Beach

Who Will Help Me Plan This?

Don’t worry! As a professional photographer with 20+ years of experience, I can coach you through this entire process, weather for engagement photos or family photos, I know exactly what I’m doing! I’ll put your mind at ease with my expertise and make this joyous process as easy as possible for you, so you can enjoy it yourself.

Engagement Photos at Edmonds Beach, WA

Contact me so we can get started! I’m looking forward to hearing from you. -Kerri

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