Restoring Old Photos

Restoring Old Photos:
Restoring your old or damaged photo is possible at Acclaimed Photography. We can take most any damaged photo and make it look new again, or restore it to its original luster. We start by photographing your photo (or in the case that you have a digital negative already) to create a digital negative which is then restored. Once the restoration artwork is completed we can create any product you want to show off and display your restored photo: Photographic print, Canvas Wall Portrait, Family Album, etc. We can print an older looking photo; we can take an old photograph, print it on photographic paper that has similar texture and tone, so it keeps with the original appearance.
Also, if you have faded photos or photos that have shifted in color Acclaimed Photography can restore them to their original color and brightness as well.
Once the image is fully restored to its original look, Acclaimed Photography offers custom framing. We can custom frame any photo you have, and in particular, frame your vintage photo with a frame that is suitable for the image, keeping with the photos original style.

As with all our restorations, you can have us make a high-quality photo print and you will receive the digital negative as well.

Please contact us at for a quote to restore your old photographs or through the contact form below:
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