Newborn Photography at Acclaimed Photography

Newborn Photography at Acclaimed Photography

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Do This Now!

All too soon your newborn becomes a toddler who becomes a child, and then all of a sudden your child is a young adult. Now is the time to capture their little fingers and toes, their little lips, and just the sheer size of  just how small they are now. Children grow soo quickly in the first year and preserving this special time in photographs is a guarantee you’ll be able to enjoy this time over and over in the years to come. 

Photography With The Utmost Care!

We approach sessions with your newborn, baby, and young children, unhurried and with sensitivity, providing a warm, safe, peaceful studio environment, and time out for parents to take care of the child’s needs. It is relaxing, easygoing session.

Newborn Photography

Preserving those first few precious days in your newborns journey creates the beginning of life-long memories. At Acclaimed Photography I take the utmost care with your new little ones! I have a gentle touch and definitely take my time to make sure mom, dad, baby, and siblings are all comfortable.  I heat up the studio because that’s what the little ones need.  I also make sure to wash my hands before I start, and keep sanitizing wipes handy.

Newborn Photography by Acclaimed Photography

Photography That Keeps It Simple

These special little people require few, if any, props. Instead, we capture the connection and love between the newborn and family. If you have any family heirlooms to include in your photo session (a blanket, rattle, special outfit), we invite you to bring those along to incorporate them.

MANY newborns have been photographed in my studio and I’m very comfortable with them, and I like them! I understand this is SUCH an important time in your lives, as new parents, and I know to set aside extra time with newborns. We understand that newborns have certain needs and we allow plenty of time for that, we never want you to feel rushed. We allow plenty of time for nursing, burping, changing, outfit changes and extra clean-up time.


Session Fees for Newborn and Maternity Pricing for Acclaimed Photography

Session Fees for Newborn and Maternity Pricing for Acclaimed Photography

Please be sure to view our newborn/maternity gallery. Acclaimed Photography also specialize in working with children with special needs and is accredited by Special Kids Photography of America.